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intiutive | visionary | empathic | grounded | soulful | driven

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But who am I, really? Well, I'm a gentle, empathic soul with a big heart and a big vision for each and every one of us. I may look like the girl next door but I take pride in my subtle edge, mystique and my desire to do things just a little bit different than most. I like to question why we do things the way we do and look for a little more 'creative' way. This might be one of the reasons I work for myself! 

It's also the reason I left a well-paying job to start my own gig when I was 8 weeks pregnant with my second daughter in 2011.

And the reason I am where I am today; healthy, happy and pursuing my larger purpose for being gifted this life.

You see, while I was successful with my marketing business, it came at a cost. My health. For quite a few years I bought into this idea that success meant grinding it out, long hours, doing all. the. things and wearing "I'm SO busy' like a badge of honour. Then I got sick. I was told that the condition I had was chronic and there wasn't much I could do. I started to ask questions, to look for alternatives and explore what I could do differently. I started to take responsibility for my health and my life.

I learned what it meant to take care of myself and what the true meaning of self-care is, what I now call "soul care" 

You can read more about my story ​HERE.

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I'm guessing if you're here it's because you're meant to read this. Some version of my story probably rings true for you - tired, burnt out, feeling like there has to be more, lacking vitality, wanting to find that elusive flow in life. Sound familiar?

Here's what I think about that:

I believe we all deserve to live our biggest, boldest life and that it should feel GOOD, not like a grind. 

I believe that there is a new paradigm being born. One where we can have the career, the relationships, the families and the health that we desire. We can have ALL of it, not one at the expense of the other.

But only if we're brave enough to do the work and challenge what has always been. 

I believe it's possible to build a business or career in FLOW. The grind it out, 'busy badge of honour' days are on the way out. It's actually 'cool' to make decisions based on what FEELS right, not what SHOULD be done, just because that's always been the way. 

I believe that wellbeing is the foundation to everything. When we look after our mind and body, we are better in every area of life.

I DON'T believe we can do it alone (actually I know we can't). The saying 'it takes a village' doesn't just apply to mothers, it applies to all of us. Human beings are designed to be connected to one another. We need support and accountability to live our best lives and we aren't taught to value this. 


This is what opened up my world and I want to teach what I live, first-hand. It starts and ends with a fierce dedication to our own TRUTH.

I use my experience, knowledge and intuition to help you:

  • Align with your energetic make-up

  • LEAD in life + business

  • Create the abundance you desire

  • Make the money you desire

  • Heal your body, mind and soul

  • Live a life of meaning and pleasure

  • Connect to, and trust to your intuition

  • Make yourself a priority, but not at the expense of everything else

Together we will question why you do the things you do, figure out what motivates you (like, really motivates you; it's not just putting on a bathing suit or making it to Friday) and create new habits + tools to support your deepest desires.

About Me: About


  • I am born and raised on the west coast of BC and now live in small town 25 minutes from Vancouver

  • I have two sensitive and spirited girls and a husband who likes to ask a lot of questions

  • I am a family girl at heart

  • I had mono for 8 months when I was in Grade 11 + 12. I had to homeschool for half of Grade 12. This was my first introduction to 'alternative' medicine. My Grandma convinced my mom to take me to an herbalist. Mono either ran it's course or the herbs worked, I got better! 

  • I had a near death experience due a haemorrhage with my first born daughter. It traumatized me for 8 years, I am in the final stages of the healing process.

  • I was diagnosed with Interstitial Cystitis (a chronic bladder inflammation condition) in 2013. I have been symptom free for 2.5 years

  • I could study alternative healing modalities all day long. I have worked with dozens of therapists through my life; from herbalists to osteopaths, naturopaths, acupuncturists, and my beloved hypnotherapist, 

  • One of the most deeply healing and life altering experiences I've had was in 2018 at a meditation and long range shooting retreat in San Diego. I will return to do it again one day. Perhaps you'll join me?

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Things that bring me joy:

  • A warm epsom salt detox bath

  • Reading personal growth books

  • Slow mornings on my sunny deck with a good cup of coffee

  • Weekend escapes with girlfriends

  • A good deep chat with a friend over lunch

  • Belly laughs

  • Exploring a new city with my hubby

  • Travel with my fam jam 

  • Seeing joy on my girls faces + watching them conquer their fears

  • Deep, vulnerable connection

  • The colour yellow

  • Supporting my body with healing foods, supplements and essential oils

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