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An intimate container where I support, guide and facilitate healing so you can take radical responsibility for your wellbeing. Together we create your blueprint for a joyful, fulfilled, purposeful life.

3, 6 or 12 month coaching packages allow for the commitment, accountability and systems to journey deep, empowering you to transform your life in ways you didn't know possible. 


This session combines coaching with quantum energy healing techniques to accelerate your journey to radical wellbeing. We use the power of energy medicine to support you on the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual level. 

These sessions are great for quickly removing blocks, calming the nervous system, gaining clarity and feeling energetically lighter. 

Investment: $111 + GST


A community for healing, growth and radical wellbeing. 

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Leadership + Wellbeing. In Alignment

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I am a big-picture visionary with a passion for pushing the envelope towards bigger, bolder actions that challenge the status quo and leave a lasting impression.

Prior to certifying as a Habit Change Coach, I spent 14 years advising on and managing marketing strategies and campaigns for organizations in tourism + lifestyle. I thrive on collaboration, generating the next big idea and then providing loving guidance on how to bring it to life.

Do you need an outside perspective on what’s going on inside your business?

Not sure which direction to take something or looking for some fresh ideas and inspiration?

Maybe you have a strategic plan that sits on a shelf and you actually want to make use of it.

My ability to tap into my intuition and think creatively, allows me to see what’s going on from a ‘birds eye view.’ Sometimes when we’re too close to our work we can’t see what’s really going on or where our own limiting beliefs are holding us back. 

I will work with your team to inspire new ways of thinking, solve old problems with new solutions, and find creative ways to break the mold.

I apply a similar approach in my wellbeing coaching. I work with leaders to clear the clutter that’s holding them back in living their best life so that they can feel better in mind + body, have more energy and create harmony in life and work (balance is a myth).

Are you tired of walking around in a fog?

Do you crave more grounding + calm?

Is your ‘to do’ list never ending and overwhelming?

Do you worry you could end up ill (or maybe you already have)?

Are YOU often at the bottom of your to do list?

Once again, I'm here to challenge the status quo. To inspire you to do what so many of us don't instinctively do; put ourselves first in an effort to live a healthier, more fulfilled life.

Work With Me: Text

You’ve taught me to approach things with out judgement and instead to apply curiosity. This has truly changed everything for me. Especially in regards to the negative voice in my head that tells me Im not good enough etc. At the beginning of our time together I was so focused on speeding up my life, must get more done! Must achieve more fast! But now I’m beginning to realize that slowing down and having awareness is key. There is so much happening around you when you take a minute to observe and be present.


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